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The ‘how‘ of beSPEAK has a lot to do with technology. It’s kind of obvious to say that technology has changed everything. But it has. The ‘how’ of technology has given us connectivity of a scale and flexibility that didn’t seem possible just a few years ago. Connectivity has changed – and continues to change – the frequency and style of communication in a big way, and it has also changed workstyle. You can work today wherever, whenever, however you choose. beSPEAK has chosen to work this way too, and to create an organization that promotes this way of working, which encourages entrepreneurial thought and action.

not your average agency

beSPEAK is very virtual, and anything but traditional. Just totally connected. To be sure, beSPEAK’s key management, consulting team and operations people are closely connected to each other . . . and to you. And they are further connected to the broader beSPEAK network, a global community of skilled specialists that we can scale up and down in size according to your needs. From this network, the right people can be selected and put to work for you in the most effective way possible – wherever, whenever, however. Depending on the size or shape of your business, you can customize our model until it is bespoke to your particular needs . . . and challenges. And how!

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