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beSPEAK is a team of more than 12 consultants and growing! It’s a well-chosen collective of communication professionals with years – decades even – of experience and know-how. Each offers something independently; collectively, beSPEAK offers a cohesive solution to all kinds of PR and corporate communication opportunities and challenges.

insightful leadership

beSPEAK is led by Eileen Tobey, APR, FCPRS, a leader with a whole lot of experience and an excellent long-term track record in the industry. Eileen’s experience runs deep in business know-how among many business sectors as well as strategies of all forms found in corporate and product communications. It gives her a special kind of insight that’s deepened by the entrepreneurial know-how she’s gained from running businesses both outside and inside the corporation. The innovative beSPEAK business model sprang from Eileen’s inventive, business-building brain.

the beSPEAK network

beSPEAK bears the imprint of Eileen’s skills and leadership qualities, and her vision to build a network of responsive, well-managed specialists who can respond to your communication needs whatever they may be. The beSPEAK network, our team of specialists, are bespoke in corporate communications and strategy, events, speaking engagements, media relations, social media, employee communication, issues and reputation management, marketing communications, brand strategy, the written word and much more. In short, beSPEAK is your access point to a cross-section of talented people who can be put to work wherever, whenever, however you need them most.

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