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beSPEAK’s business

beSPEAK is a public relations agency. beSPEAK handles key areas of communication where the ‘voice’ of your organization needs to be heard – in corporate communications, product/brand communication, issues/crisis management, communications research and analysis, stakeholder and community engagement, and presentation/media training. You know what you want to say. We know how to say it and who should hear from you.

our approach to consulting

beSPEAK is somewhat of a chameleon, taking on the colour of communication that’s appropriate for different sectors of the economy and separate areas of the marketplace – including (but not limited to) life sciences, financial services, consumer packaged goods, travel, technology, entertainment/design, associations, government and NGOs, not-for-profit, and professional services of all kinds.

our business model

If you really want to know the ‘what‘ of beSPEAK, it stems from our business model. beSPEAK is a virtual organization with a purpose – one that grows or shrinks according to your needs. Our community of bespoke people – each chosen for their particular skills – is at your disposal. With beSPEAK you get the best work from the best people in a manner that’s best suited to your needs. That’s what we’re striving for.


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